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About Perkins & Sons 

The first distillation of Caribbean Rum took place on the sugarcane plantations of Barbados in the early 17th Century. 

This early rum trade was controlled by the merchants of Barbados' capital Bridgetown and, more specifically, those operating on Roebuck Street.

Into this centuries-old Barbados tradition of rum distillation, ageing and blending, Ivan Oliver Cyril Perkins was born on February 10th, 1913 to Mount Gay, St. Lucy rum distiller and sugar planter John Edward Perkins and his wife Helena.

At the age of fourteen Ivan made the long trek (both physically and culturally) south from rural Barbados to the world of Bridgetown merchants and the Barbados rum trade. Nearly two decades later, Ivan started his new rum business with his sons Cyril and Edward as well as daughter Jean; our Perkins & Sons family business was born.

Over the past eight decades Perkins & Sons has developed many blends to suit varied tastes, while faithfully maintaining the secrets and art of the Barbados Rum-blending craft.

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