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Vodka is a clear alcoholic beverage that is usually distilled from fermented cereal

grains, potatoes or corn to above 95% ethanol purity, which is then diluted to between

37% and 47% alcohol-by-volume and bottled for consumption.

Vodka has no specific geographical indicator or source produce and is essentially as

close to a neutral, tasteless spirit as can be consumed, unless flavour ingredients are

added before or after the distillation process.

The process of converting starch into fermentable sugars also results in the production of impurities, such as methanol, esters, acetone and other undesirable compounds.

Because Cane Sugar is virtually pure sucrose, it is inherently fermentable and does

not require the addition of enzymes or chemicals to purify it.

P&S Sugar Cane Vodka is therefore cleaner and less harsh than any grain-

source vodka could ever be and after its second distillation, is unmatched in the

Vodka world for smoothness.

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